gas mileage

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Barring a really bad commute or a mechanical problem, every car can get EPA estimates. Driving style has a ton to do with mileage. Also, increasing tire pressure can help too.

I suggest you keep at it. The VUE greenline isn't exactly the best example of a hybrid, but don't let that discourage you. Keep pushing for better mileage.
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Default Re: gas mileage

I wouldn't mind having one of those, actually.

I'm excitedly waiting all the changes in technology and availability of vehicles in the near future!!!
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Bought my 2008 Vue Green Line six weeks ago and, like Yungwirth, was totally underwhelmed by my initial mileage (17.9 mpg). Within a few days, my hybrid drive started shutting off... it took a couple weeks for the dealer and GM to agree on the problem, but one new generator controller later... I'm seeing a 6 mpg improvement overall, with 28 mpg on the highway. I'm still learning how to manipulate rpms, so I expect better mileage over the next few months.
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Wow, that is what happens when you buy a Saturn hybrid?? The main generator controller goes out after only 6 weeks?? I am very happy with my TCH after 16 months of averaging between 39-43mpg over the entire time i have owned it. I am happy that i have not had any problems. I hope you have better results over the long term. I am planning on keeping my TCH for at least 10 years. Being a Toyota and the 2nd one i have owned, i am pleased with the car.
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Thumbs down Re: gas mileage

I average 20 mpg, regardless of how I drive, where I drive, what the weather is like, etc. I'm a very conservative driver so that's not the issue. It's the car!

This is a lemon if there ever was one! See my post under 'battery' discussion. Hybrid batteries corroded before one year mark, and is currently in shop again for 5th time due to engine stopping/restarting itself.

Bleh, this car is an accident waiting to happen, and I have panic attacks from having to drive it!
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Just got a used 2008 Vue Hybrid. I noticed the previous owner had an average of 20.7mpg. I reset it, did a normal working day and go 30.1 average by the time I got home. It is now down to 24.7 because that was followed by 2 days of frequent less than 2 mile trips. If I can average 30MPG during work M-F and 20MPG during the weekend that is still over 27 average. A good number as the altima I had was at 24.8.

EDIT: More than 1000 miles in and my average is back to 30.1mpg. Moderate city highways seems to be the best because a lot of times your in the 44-55mph range but your not stopping all that much. I've had some trips average 36mpg+. However surface roads with stop and go traffic its closer to 19mpg. This car really does depend on the person driving it. Will update database when I finish my first full tank which just started on Saturday.

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To ewitte:

Congratulations on your purchase of a used 2008 Saturn Hybrid Vue. Your post just proved a very important point that summaries the MPGs and the Hybrid Vue. MPGs depend upon the type of driving and the driving style of the owner. You can get great MPGs if you have a good combination of both. During the week your trips are optimal - on the weekend with stop and go not so much.

I credit your driving style as also contributing to the positive mpgs.

For me - I have just passed 86,700 miles in just under three years and have a lifetime of 32.53 mpg.
33.1 mpg from March 1 - October 31
31.1 mpg from November 1 - February 28

Keep on logging those good mpgs. Best wishes.
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Default Re: gas mileage

Determined to get over 40 if not 50MPG eventually Not off driving habits but hardware upgrades/modifications (ultracapcitors, possible lifepo4 with plugin or without 120v charging, etc)
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Default Re: gas mileage

My Vue Greenline gives me gas milage between 24-27 and m quite happy with that and can't ask for any thing more then this for city drive as my old cars use use to throw 15-16 it was accord v6 .
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