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Why Must Governments Tax Us?

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Default Why Must Governments Tax Us?

Part of the American dream is to have a comfortable retirement. With the social security system being what it is, a comfortable retirement requires additional income sufficient to cover the cost of living. Unless one wins the lottery, is supported by a healthy trust fund, inherits wealth and manages it well, or has a very good defined benefit retirement package (very rare these days except for government bureaucrats), there is only one legitimate way of achieving a comfortable retirement. You must become a capitalist. I know this word has some non-flattering connotations but they derive from actions of some infamous capitalists, and are not part of the definition of the term.

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Default Re: Why Must Governments Tax Us?

They are not only going to tax us, but they are spending at a rate that they will have to attach our property. As we spiral into Socialism, all wealth will soon be owned by the Imperial Federal Government and we will all become wards of the state. But, not to worry, the government will take care of you, as long as your needs are meager and you don't get sick.
Every US citizen, old and young, currently owes over $40,000 toward the National Debt with no end in spending in sight.
Becoming a "Capitalist" requires more time and effort than most people want to expend, would it not be easier to lower your expectaions and live off the government? All we have to do is keep electing socialists to run the government and our lives. As long as they get their hugh share, they are quite willing to use the police power of government to take everything from the "Fortunate" and redistribute it to the dumb masses.

But, thanks for asking.
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Default Re: Why Must Governments Tax Us?

Many of the elected officials want to make us dependent upon them to help justify their position.
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Default Re: Why Must Governments Tax Us?

Q: How many WATB American reactionary's can you fit on the head of a pin?

A: Nobody makes a pinhead big enough.

I guess all the extra-large pinhead makers went all Galt on us...
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Default Re: Why Must Governments Tax Us?

Let's see how many freedom loving Americans go Galt in 2010. The power hungry so-called leaders in Washington today make Atilla the Hun seem moderate.

But, I fear we may be too late. The ship is too big to turn around and the masses have no backbone to regain their lost freedom. Socialism was predicted in 1948 when economists saw the trends toward using the power of government to buy votes with "OPM" (other peoples money) and it will come to pass if we don't get some very strong leadership, and soon.

If that doesn't concern you, then consider that within the next three generations, the muslims will have taken over Europe and be well on their way to overrule the United States. I didn't say overthrow, they will just use their majority status and the lack of any rule of law to vote anything they wish into existance. Who will protect your granddaughter then?
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Default Re: Why Must Governments Tax Us?

Our government is capitalist in the sense that it permits individuals to become capitalists. But what if our government was itself a capitalist entity by the above definition? Most folks would be happy if their government would just live within its means and even happier if it got out of debt. But what if our government went even further? What if our government became a truly capitalist government? A government that not only lived within its means but began saving and investing its surplus, just like a good capitalist individual. A government that eliminated all its debt so that all its income went toward its cost of living (providing necessary services) instead of paying so much interest on the outrageous debt. A government whose investment income grew to where it could provide the necessary services without taxing us at all! So my answer to the title question is that a government does not have to tax us. It persists in depending upon tax revenues and mis-managing its income and outgo for the same reasons that most middle class folks fail to become capitalists and end up retiring in poverty.Lack of desire, understanding, and discipline.
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