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Default 12V Battery Help

One morning my 2008 NAH wouldn't start, so I hooked up a charger and it started the next day. Since my son was born 4 months ago we have mostly been using our SUV. The NAH is used infrequently for short solo trips, so this might have contributed to the battery draining.

I bought a battery tester and it will show 80%. If I turn on the accessories, it will drop to 60, then 40%. When I turn the car on, the tester shows the alternator is good and the battery will show 100% again, but will drop within a few minutes. So, while it does start each time now, I assume this means the battery is going bad after 9+ years.

I know that an AGM battery is the right type, but it seems this one is also compatible:

My understanding is that I'd have to vent this, but I can't find any info on whether or not the above battery is vented.

Otherwise, I'd just have to get this for more $, with venting not being quite as important.

Thanks for any advice!

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Default Re: 12V Battery Help

You did not buy a battery tester. You bought a voltmeter that indicates SoC based on voltage, which is always useless.

A reliable battery tester subjects the battery to a substantial load.

A Schumacher BT-100 12V/100A load tester sells on Amazon Prime for about $21. You'll never have any question if a 12V is healthy again. You'll know.

Do NOT install a flooded cell battery. Get the AGM.

Next on your list is the $6000 hybrid battery. The absolute worst thing you can do is let a hybrid sit. Even worse is to use it infrequently for short solo trips.

You need to sell the car or find a use for it. Otherwise, it is going to be nothing but a problem for you. It also fails the logic test. You bought a hybrid to get better mileage, but you don't drive it, thus you paid a premium over a regular Altima to not experience gas savings by letting it sit.

My first born was in an Olds Alero four door - less roomy than an Altima, and he was back there with his 9 year old half brother. Sack up and stop being lazy with the SUV. It's almost as easy to get an infant into the back of a sedan as it is an SUV

Leaving that Altima parked is going to bite you in the a$$.

Good luck,

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