Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

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Default Low Gas Mileage for City Driving


I recently bought a used 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid with 55000 miles.

I previously owned a 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid which I bought new (but recently was totaled in accident).

With my 2007, I typically got about the same mileage whether I was driving in the city or the highway. At least I think so. I really stopped paying attention after a few months. But, I think I got around 36 to 39 MPG.

With the 2008, I seem to get about 24MPG in the city and around 30 on the highway unless I have been driving awhile and then the mileage seems to improve and go to the high 30s.

If my car has been sitting in the driveway overnight, I have to drive the car awhile before the car will go into EVMODE, but with my 2007, the car would go into EVMODE right away when backing out of the drive and up to the stop sign.

I suspect, the batteries are not maintaining a good charge.

Any ideas? What can I check or test to determine if this is the case?

The battery charge indicator on the dash generally seems to indicate everything is ok. Usually at half or 3/4 in the morning when I start my car.

Thank you.
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Default Re: Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

My 2007 NAH with 67,800 miles has always acted like your new one. When cold, the EV mode will start out of the garage but go off within a few seconds and will only come on during the first few minutes when fully stopped with the heater off. It usually takes about 5 minutes before it starts coming on below 42 mph and on a level or downhill surface.

I live in San Diego County where the terrain includes lots of grades. My combined mileage here has been 32-33 from day one. I have a log of every tank of gas I have put in this car and the best I have ever gotten was 36.4. I have never been on a trip that did not include some serious mountain climbing.

It is really too bad that your first car got totaled. It sounds like the ideal NAH.
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Default Re: Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

You can't drive in EV mode if the engine water temp is below 160deg. At a stop sign, you need to be at least 130deg.
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Default Re: Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

How far are you driving in the city? On my TCH, you need at least 7-8 miles to get the mileage over 30 mpg.
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Default Re: Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

The city driving for which I monitored the MPG was basically trips to the grocery store... about 1.5mi each way.
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Default Re: Low Gas Mileage for City Driving

Normally in city drive you have low mpg compare than highway. When you take off, use a very mild pressure on the accelerator. The most important thing is Build speed gradually.
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