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car2slo 01-10-2016 05:49 PM

My FEH dashboard & monitoring setup
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I didn't get much response for my last post asking if anyone has used Torque or DashCommand instead of Scangauge so I thought I'd share my setup. Hoping this will benefit many of you hoping for a modern dash in your Ford Escape Hybrid or other cars.


- Acer Iconia Android tablet (~$100 with IPS screen)
- ODB2 Wifi (not bluetooth) code reader ELM (~$20 of Amazon)
- Torque Applications (Google store ~$7)


- For those not familiar with ODB2 code readers these are small plug in devices that connect under your dashboard to wirelessly send ODB codes to other devices. I bought a cheap import brand and have tried this process successfully with a few others.

- Get the WIFI version not bluetooth. I've had problems with Bluetooth ones and WIFI is the only one that works with Apple devices as well.

- Log into Google Play store and install Torque app. I believe you can try it for free but I bought it for $6.99 on sale and it's well worth it's price.

- Note: You can also use DashCommand but I found it wasn't as customizable and didn't allow me to manually add PID codes for my Escape Hybrid.

- Using Torque, go into settings/config and ODB2 adapter settings, choose defaults for ELM code reader, Bluetooth and do not select any advance options (I.e. fast comms, disable ELM auto timing, etc.)

- Go into Vehicle profile and find your car. I select 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. I found the engine size was not correct so I entered 2.3L in this option.

- Take ODB2 reader and your tablet out to your car. Plug in the reader, wait for it to power on and initialize. Turn on WIFI on tablet and connect to the reader.

- Once you log into Torque you should see it connect to you device and you can now turn on your hybrid and check real time info.

- If all works customize your dashboard how you like in Torque. I played with the app and found the following info most interesting;

- Speed
- Pedal % (tells me how light to press on the gas)
- Instant MPG and average MPG
- Instant LpK and average LpK (for Canadians)
- Coolant temperature
- Clock (since my install blocks my clock)
- Air Temperature

Bonus gauges (some are custom PID)

- State of Charge (%)
- Average battery temperature
- Battery coolant temperature
- HP (electric motor)
- Hybrid battery voltage

- Although Torque has a lot of gauges to choose from I did manually add custom PID codes for Hybrid specific gauges. This is where Torque shines as you can add your own PID codes.

- You can find PID codes on the Internet but PM me if you try this and can benefit from Ford Escape specific codes.

- I choose to mount my install in the Ford Escapes slot at top of the dash just in front of the clock/stereo display. I use the tablets clock and have my radio preset so no major loss.


- Torque installed on a cheap tablet gives me a custom display that let's me monitor my Hybrid and maximize gas mileage. I feel it looks great and I use it every day. Bonus with the Acer tablet is I also run freeware GPS software on it that allows me to switch to GPS mode when I need.

car2slo 01-26-2016 07:25 PM

Re: My Torque monitoring setup
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Including PID settings I've entered into Torque.

Rex B 11-02-2016 05:40 AM

Re: My Torque monitoring setup
Nice setup. I think I need to get my Android tablet out and take another look at Torque.

I am curious how you mounted it. Can you share your mounting method?

car2slo 11-09-2016 09:32 PM

Re: My Torque monitoring setup

Originally Posted by Rex B (Post 260934)
Nice setup. I think I need to get my Android tablet out and take another look at Torque.

I am curious how you mounted it. Can you share your mounting method?

In the above picture I just put a couple sticker pucks/buttons on shelf in front of the Escape's clock/information display. The stickers would hold the tablet from sliding while it was held by gravity. Since I drive conservatively there was no problem of the tablet falling.

I've now gone to a windshield suction cup mount for the tablet in the same spot. I found the original sticker's glue would give after a few weeks and cold weather.

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