Bad MECS pump

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Default Bad MECS pump

Hi All:

Thanks to input from Bill Winney and others, on the Escape board, I found the problem. I got "Pull over safely", "Motor temperature high" followed by the Triangle of death. No chance to pull over and no warning beeper. Very unsafe if you are in the fast lane. I got it home after 2 more shutdowns.

Thanks to the Escape guys, I found the MECS pump (Under the radiator, passenger side). I tapped the pump motor and it started. A little trick I learned as a retired Electronics Technician. Indicative of jammed device or worn motor brushes. It's been running fine for 3 days. But I know it will happen again. So it needs to go in.

Here's my question:

The car has 33,900 and was bought in Nov. 2006. So I know Bumper to Bumper is over. This car has three warranties:

3 yr. 36,000 Bumper to Bumper

5 yr. 50,000 Powertrain

8 yr. 100,000 Hybrid Componants

This pump supplies cooling water to the Hybrid Componants. I would think it would be covered under that warranty. What have you guys found?


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Default Re: Bad MECS pump

It is not covered under the hybrid warranty. The newest MECS pump runs continuously verse the older model that ran intermittenly. You should be able to find this pump on line for under $200.00. A repair at the dealership could cost $600.00.

Good luck for this repair.
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Default Re: Bad MECS pump

Thanks BillyK

I have that feeling too, that they are going to try to get out of this somehow. The replacement procedure is a piece of cake. But I'm leary of doing it. The Ford rep I spoke to advised me not to attempt it in case other things are wrong. She didn't say so, but I interpreted it as a way of squirming out of honoring the remaining warranties. By blaming it on my repair.

On the same subject. I read about preventative maintenence, on this subject. I wish I would have found this board sooner. As I would have done it as well. How many of you have had an actual shutdown on the highway, like me? It's not fun when you have to get across lanes of traffic with no engine. Although the power steering and brakes work very well. I know cars break down on the highway all the time. But this is a planned shutdown!

I'm a retired Electronics Technician (That's why I bought the car. ). I was working on computerized process control systems for 30 years. Most alarmed shutdowns have 2 settings. One for the alarm and one for the shutdown. You can even use the same input (sensor) for both. But you will need two outputs. I don't know what the actual temperature setting is. Example: The warning comes in at 150 degree F. That operates the "Pull over safely" display,and a warning beeper. Finally the shutdown comes in at 180F. And shuts the system down, along with the reason in the display. This gives you time to get over. I am hoping the Mariner system actually does operate this way and mine is malfunctioning. I didn't even get a warning beeper when the system shutdown.

It's going in on thursday. I'll post progress reports.


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