Code B009f, service hybrid system message

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Default Code B009f, service hybrid system message

Hi, Im new to the forum, I just came across it and it looked like there is some good info. I have a 08 tahoe hybrid that drives completely normal, other than the brakes making a strange sound while stopped at a light. The sound goes away if the brakes are pressed harder. Anyways my question is, what does the code B009f indicate? I havent been able to find anything related to the tahoe on google. The odometer screen occasionally shows "service hybrid system" but there is no check engine light. It doesn't seem to drive any differently with the message showing or not.

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Default Re: Code B009f, service hybrid system message

"B" codes are body codes. I find nothing on that code either.

Odd codes and intermittent system glitches/errors are most often caused by a weak/failing 12V and/or bad grounding cables.

It doesn't matter what brand or how old it is. Your 12V can fail at any time - even be DOA. The only way to know for certain if your 12V is good is to take it to a parts store and have them LOAD test it, or do it yourself with one of these:

Amazon Amazon

Driving there can give you false favorable results because the car has been charging the battery. Best method is to fully charge it, let it sit overnight (12-24 hours) and then load test it.

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Default Re: Code B009f, service hybrid system message

B009F looks like it could refer to the right side restraint system. Do you have a passenger side seatbelt that is locked up or does not retract or operate smoothly? Later model vehicles use a precharged gas canister pretensioner that can be easily damaged. I had to replace the pretensioner module on a Ford Truck that was damaged by a previous owner running a cable up from the door sill for a set of offroad lights on the roof. It was only about 60 bucks so not a big deal. I do not remember what code it was throwing but the seatbelt pretensioner was locked up and would not move either way on that one. On the brakes I would just go ahead replace the brake pads as they are most likely the original ones and they are cheap, Hybrid brake pads basically last forever since they are rarely engaged, the regenerative braking system mainly slows the vehicle. The problem with older brake pads is they can "de-laminate" from the backing plates and cause some noise and could actually turn completely lose at some point and you could lose braking. The "service hybrid system" warning sounds more ominous..............for sure get that 12V battery tested. Battery testing is usually free at your local auto parts store and if it shows any signs of weakness replace it. My motto is "if its free its for me" Haha
If you decide to load test your battery yourself please take proper precautions in case it blows up in your face. I know someone that is blind in one eye due to a battery explosion! The risk is REAL.
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