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Hello All,
Thanks for the add to the group! I purchased a 2008 Tahoe Hybrid about 2 months ago now with 150k on it. It seems this was a fleet vehicle and was very clean. I am a nerdy mechanic for life and would love to learn and more info on this vehicle. I have done quite a few things to My HyHoe since getting it. Everything in front end (upper,lower control arms, both axles and wheel bearings, struts, sway bar links), alignment, tires, etc.. So I plan on keeping it just want to work some bugs out of it. Looking for some help with some minor codes and gremlins. Hoping I can find some info from this community and will have input of what I can help with.
Thanks All,
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Welcome J I recently bought a 2009 Tahoe Hybrid (affectionately known in my household as the "HO") it had close to 200k on it and I am here for the same reason as you, to try to learn. So far I have done a small amount of work, changed some fluids. Did front diff / rear diff / transfer case / trans fluid / engine oil and installed new front wheel bearings. The ole "HO" seems to be running very well pretty and I am pretty much pleased with it, especially since it was dirt cheap to purchase LOL. I have also taken the hybrid battery apart and cleaned it. I did have a couple of codes pop up recently relating to the hybrid battery. It coincided with running an air compressor from the rear cigarette lighter plug and went away after a couple of drive cycles. I do suspect that I have degraded modules in the hybrid battery. I have ordered a 6 pack of replacement modules but I am in fear that they are Chinese made knockoffs. Will see when they come in.
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I'm really trying to learn more about this "HyHo" too. I have some codes that keep coming up that I can't find what they even mean. I did plugs and wires too and then had cyl. 5 misfire and found a crack in plug porcelain and got that swapped out. Boy! They don't like misfires! bucks like a wild horse. LoL! Just working a few bugs out of it then hope to learn more about testing and replacing modules if needed. The other issue right now is after replacing Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 is says it's stuck lean And stuck Rich!?! Does anyone have a good list of codes to find a couple others that keep popping up?? Hoping some "nerds" chime in here to help us owners out. Would love to keep this HyHo going as I love working on the rest of it and Cheap parts for everything else.
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Check out this list of codes by control module:
Look at the "Two - Mode Hybrid" pdf files at the bottom.
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Originally Posted by Jevenson75 View Post
The other issue right now is after replacing Bank 1 Sensor 2 O2 is says it's stuck lean And stuck Rich!?!
Welcome to the forum. What was the original reason for replacing just bank 1 sensor 2? That sensor is only there for catalytic converter diagnostics as generally the different banks’ “sensor 1’s” are what fine tune the fuel trims. If you have a diagnostic logger like Torque Pro for android or OBD fusion for iOS take a look at your long term fuel trims to see how they change before the diagnostic trips. On other GM vehicles I’ve had long term fuel trims running 18%+ and diagnostics still not tripping so my guess is either you have a really large exhaust leak before the O2 sensors or your O2’s plain aren’t working properly.

As for the simultaneous “lean and rich” code tripping, in my experience with older Bosch ECU’s (non-GM), it indicated not getting a reading at all from the O2 or it being miswired.
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