Tahoe hybrid misfire?

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Default Re: Tahoe hybrid misfire?

I have a 2008 Tahoe Hybrid with 93K miles. Took it in yesterday for a misfire (P0300) and after some research they found a Tech Bulletin on the issue. The valve (#4 in my case) was letting in too much oil. This was a GM warranty issue, so did not have to pay for anything other than an oil change, as my oil was about a quart and a half low.
From the Repair order: 93391 P0300 eng miss fire detected. found sparkplug cyl1 oil fouled. replaced Valve Rocker Arm Cover and spark plug. J7576 1.2 per bulletin 12-06-01-001B
Parts and Labor 237.46 (warranty item)

If you are having the same issue, have your mechanic look for the bulletin above. My car is running smooth again!

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Default Re: Tahoe hybrid misfire?

Thank you all for the great info. Have not been on the forum for a while but am still loving the Tahoe. The issue I was having with misfire notifications went away after I used Chevron Techron fuel additive.... I can't believe it either but I kid you not that stuff works. Not sure that it did but perhaps cleared out some gunk in the fuel line that was causing improper firing. I buy the stuff by the case now and use it almost every other fill up.
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Default Re: Tahoe hybrid misfire?

Techron fuel additive.... I use ONLY chevron in all my fuel injected cars and I have never had a fuel related issue, its great stuff!
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Default Re: Tahoe hybrid misfire?

Techron, it works. Years ago BMW used to recommend it as regular maintenenance for it's M cars, I've been using it since and never had a fuel related issue that I can recall. They sell it by the case at Costco in my area. Chevron puts a small amount in the Premium Gasoline they sell at their stations. Also, I think it's important to only use "Top Tier" Gasoline, it's higher grade gasoline with a better detergent concentration level.(Google Top Tier Gasoline) Modern Internal combustion engines have very tight tolerances and even a "booger" on top of a piston can wreak havoc with the computer.
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