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Default Making a Hybrid even cleaner! LPG

In the UK converting Petrol engines to LPG is a very common way to save on running cost and reduce engine emissions. As most Hybrids run on Petrol it is possible to do the same but there are some added complications with the stop start of the petrol engine.

We have converted a number of the Toyota Prius range. I was recently aproached by a customer wanting to convert a Hybrid Toyota Estima. Fortunately we had solved all the technical issues with the Prius conversions and all went smoothly with this one.

The Hybrid engine presents a couple of issues where the engine switches on and off changing from electric to petrol.
For best emissions and fuel consumption a modern OBD compliant electronic piggy back LPG injection system must be used. The down side with this type of system is that they usually have to run for some 30 seconds on petrol each time the starts before automatically changing over to LPG running. With some software modifications we have been able to build a system that does the first start on Petrol and then once the engine has warmed enough for the lambda sensor to be functional then switches over to LPG. Each subsequent start is then made on LPG to minimise petrol use. To make this work correctly a permanent ignition live must be used rather than an engine ignition live as used in typical conversions.

Here are some photos of the conversion

Front veiw
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid014_zps84d5fb59.jpg
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Size:  128.4 KB
Name:  ToyotaEstimaHybrid002_zps0d5926cf.jpg
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Size:  77.1 KB

Tank primed and then undersealed
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid002_zps9e317041.jpg
Views: 204
Size:  95.9 KB
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid012_zps00760a4b.jpg
Views: 204
Size:  62.9 KB

Colour coded filler rear mounted
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid011_zps1a87464e.jpg
Views: 204
Size:  60.9 KB
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid015_zps1849d0bb.jpg
Views: 209
Size:  93.1 KB

Change over switch mounted in spare switch blank
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid013_zps1f6b8707.jpg
Views: 206
Size:  61.7 KB

Vapouriser mounted behind the engine (no space in any other place)
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid006_zpsa1076b97.jpg
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Size:  84.6 KB

Very little room for water hose connnection
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid007_zps8ff055ff.jpg
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Size:  70.3 KB

Injector rail mounted

ECU mounted under front scuttle
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid004_zpscc8af5a6.jpg
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Size:  67.4 KB

Power taken from main 12 volt connection
Name:  ToyotaEstimahybrid008_zps6c4d3906.jpg
Views: 203
Size:  64.7 KB

Engine bay after refitting scuttle and air filter assembly
Name:  toyotaestima2001_zpsdc225727.jpg
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Size:  100.6 KB
Name:  toyotaestima2002_zps65921eac.jpg
Views: 296
Size:  93.5 KB

LPG filter moved forward for ease of maintenance
Name:  toyotaestima2003_zps5e42f750.jpg
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Size:  100.2 KB


email [email protected]
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Default Re: Making a Hybrid even cleaner! LPG

We are interested in converting a HONDA Insight to LPG, What would be your advice.. Pl respond
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Default Re: Making a Hybrid even cleaner! LPG

The Honda is very much the same as the Toyota to convert, the technical issues are the same with the same solutions.

Where abouts in the world are you?
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Default Re: Making a Hybrid even cleaner! LPG

We are from Sri Lanka. Our company is City Gas Pvt Ltd, engaged in LPG related industries more than 15 years.
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Default Re: Making a Hybrid even cleaner! LPG

What multi point system do you normally fit?
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