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GreenHybrid Acquired by CarsDirect.com

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Default GreenHybrid Acquired by CarsDirect.com

I'm pleased to announce that GreenHybrid.com has been acquired by Internet Brands, Inc., which operates leading automotive web sites like CarsDirect.com and Autos.com.

The plan is to maintain GreenHybrid.com as a stand-alone site, and I personally plan to continue my active role in the community. However, being part of IBI means access to a wider audience of hybrid owners, enthusiasts and shoppers (CarsDirect reaches more than 7 million users/month), as well as to extensive automotive content that can supplement what is currently on the site.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email them to me. There is an FAQ about the acquisition below, and you'll be able to discuss the topic here on the message boards. Also, beyond any questions you might have, I'd enjoy hearing any ideas for how to better serve the GreenHybrid community going forward.

Thank you.


Q: Why did CarsDirect.com buy GreenHybrid.com?
A: CarsDirect.com is as passionate about cars in general as GreenHybrid.com users are about hybrid cars in particular, so tapping into a focused community of hybrid owners is a good fit.

Q: Will GreenHybrid.com become part of the CarsDirect.com site?
A: CarsDirect.com plans to keep GreenHybrid.com a separate, thriving site and to continue expanding its content, community and traffic.

Q: Will the two sites link to each other?

A: Yes. CarsDirect.com users will be able to access community content on GreenHybrid.com, and GreenHybrid.com users will be able to access research and shopping tools on CarsDirect.com and its sister site, Autos.com.

Q: Is Jason Siegel going to continue at GreenHybrid.com?
A: Yes.

Q: Is CarsDirect.com going to put ads all over GreenHybrid.com?
A: GreenHybrid.com currently runs 2-3 Google Adsense positions on its pages. CarsDirect.com plans to keep those ad positions and gradually replace Adsense with advertisements sold directly to auto manufacturers, insurance companies and other contextually relevant accounts.

Q: What changes can we expect to see on GreenHybrid.com?
A: It's hard to predict far into the future, but for the time being, GreenHybrid will add links to CarsDirect's research and shopping tools, as well as more content to help people brand-new to the idea of hybrids. Beyond that, CarsDirect plans to brainstorm with Jason, his excellent moderators and the GreenHybrid.com community on improvements that would make the site more useful.

Q: Will my CarsDirect.com login/password work on GreenHybrid.com and vice versa?
A: Not at the current time. If it makes sense to both communities that the sites' databases be joined, it will happen later this year.

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Default If I had the time...

If I had the time, I'd like to do a javascript that would allow users to enter one of these and get all three:
  • US mpg
  • UK mpg
  • liters per 100 kilometers
Other javascripts would be useful such as:
  • Enter your mpg, miles driven annually, price of gasoline
  • Get the annual estimate gas cost and compare it with vehicles getting 10mpg, 20mpg, 30mpg,40mpg, 50mpg, 60mpg, 70mpg
  • Your vehicle would have the additional (or reduced) annual gas cost compared to the other vehicles
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Default Re: If I had the time...

Only one question -- how much $$$$?

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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.


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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

Hey Jason,

It sounds like a good deal all the way around - provided the fundamental nature of the forum remains focused on hybrids. Yes, I read your assurance of this and hope for the best.

Will the site be ported to another server? I assume if so that the addresses, etc. will remain the same - at least for the immediate future.
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

Chuck, these are features a bit too specific for our current goals. First we'll have to start with the integration of GreenHybrid into the network (though, of course, it will still remain an independent site).

Don (and Sledge), I assume you ask in jest but anyway for clarification, this is not something I am able to disclose. However, I assure you the acquisition will mean great things for this site. The resources provided by CarsDirect far surpass anything that I would be able to provide singlehandedly.

John, for now the site remains on the same server, though this may change in the future. You will not notice any server-related changes besides a likely temporary shutdown during the port.
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

Way to go Jason! Your not even out of school and you have already built and sold a business. Hope you got enough to pay back at least the first years tuition at Rice. I know how much that school costs!
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.


Congratulations! I still think this is the best site for research on all hybrid vehicles.

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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

Way to go Jason! Just don't forget us little people when you acquire Google in a hostile takeover.
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Acquired by Internet Brands, Inc.

I'm sure nearly everybody would love to see some dollar figures but I'm also sure Jason is never going to disclose said information.

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