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GreenHybrid Recommends PriusXM

Old 06-01-2005, 01:19 PM
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Default GreenHybrid Recommends PriusXM

Months ago I thought the idea of XM Satellite Radio sounded neat, but I hate the aftermarket feel of most systems. I purchased PriusXM and was pleased with how it turned out. As a result, I've agreed to partner GreenHybrid with PriusXM to offer the solution directly from this site.
Now XM Satellite Radio is available for all 2005 and 2004 Prius as delivered by the factory. Our PriusXM kit is not a stand-alone XM receiver that connects via a cassette adapter or through your FM antenna. NO! This kit fully integrates with the Prius' Multi-Function Display. The installation is easy and all cables and hardware are tucked away and become invisible.
PriusXM works seamlessly with my car. Like the factory's premium audio system, everything is accessable with the buttons on the steering wheel, voice commands and on the screen. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality satellite radio solution for their Toyota Prius.

Sound interesting? Learn more about PriusXM.
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Recommends PriusXM

Hi Jason:

___I can second the recommendation! Although the local traffic and weather leave a bit to be desired (Channel 217 in Chicago), the number of content choices, relative high quality, no commercials, and the simple fact that it is great to have the artist, his or her song, and the stats displayed is indeed a wonderful reprieve for my current AM/FM dial.

___For those that have not experienced it, here are a few of my personal favorites:
XM 7 (70ís)
XM 8 (80ís)
XM 9 (90ís)
XM 25 (The Blend)
XM 46 (Top Tracks)

___For the news, world news, and pure entertainment I have the following programmed:
XM 122 (CNN)
XM 123 (CNN World News)
XM 129 (Bloomberg)
XM 131 (BBC World Service)
XM 161 (Discovery)

___I like my local AM station for the Cubs but if you were out of town, XM 176 - 190 has all the games, all summer long. These are my personal favorites but there is a world to enjoy no matter your tastes or politically leanings.

___The only item I can nick XM for is that there are so many channels and I have not yet figured out a way to display the entire list while in the car. Hopping station to station and group to group is a bit of a hindrance given there are so many stations! Some might consider that a good thing actually

XM Radio

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___[email protected]
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Default Re: GreenHybrid Recommends PriusXM

I've split the three different screens into different "genres" I guess you'd say. On SAT1 I have music: Top 20 on 20, Kiss 21, Mix 22, Cinemagic, U-Pop (Worldwide hits) and some random Latin one #94 that I blast with the windows down on occasional humorous nights out '

I barely use SAT2, but that's where I put the "talk" stations with comedy, etc.

SAT3 is news. FOX, CNN, ABC, C-Span and I think MSNBC & CNBC. Close enough, anyway Works great.

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