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Default Power from water

Up the top of the GreenHybrid web site there is a link to "Hydrogen Hybrid Car Kit"

Is this for real or just a leg pull?

Surely the energy required from the battery and therefore for the engine to break H2O down the Hydrogen and Oxygen is more than the power gained by pumping the gases back into the air intake.

Someone please tell me what the go is..................

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Default Re: Power from water

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Default Re: Power from water

If this is HHO gas, it's quite real with respect to welding and replacing oxy acetylene. And it will enhance the combustion of gasoline. Now, weather or not the energy used to create the gas is less than the energy gained in your engine is the real question. I would think if someone actually designed an ICE to take advantage of HHO injection, and optimized the on board manufacturing of the gas, you may see overall gains. Or perhaps manufacturer it at home (with cheaper electricity) and store it in a vehicle? Kind of like a bottle of nitrous oxide.
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Default Re: Power from water

It's a fraud, and has been pretty thoroughly debunked. See:

Using electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen takes energy. You gain energy again when they recombine to form water. At best, the net gain would be zero if the efficiency was perfect 100%. But efficiency cannot be 100% in any real device. So you actually will lose energy by doing that reaction.

Now, if you use energy from one source, such as electricity from windmills, to produce the hydrogen, and then store the hydrogen in a high-pressure container, and burn it as fuel, then you might get some economic benefit. At least you would not be burning gasoline. But, to do that, you need to completely re-engineer the vehicles to store the large quantities of hydrogen, and the engine to burn it. That is not at all like what the HHO miracle-purveyors describe...

Maybe in a few decades we will be able to make hydrogen storage systems that can store that kind of pressure safely and economically. Not anytime soon. And certainly not now.
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Default Re: Power from water

I have been throwing around the idea of testing the efficiency in a standard ice by using 1 bottle of compressed hydrogen directly into the air box. Controlling the flow (how much at what level of acceleration) can be a problem. Additionally the o2 sensors in the car will automatically adjust to compensate for the increased oxy in the works, therefore providing additional fuel to the engine (killing mpg). Making HHO from renewable sources should not be a problem. Heck I would put a solar panel in my rear deck instead of speakers to generate HHO or even trickle charge my HV batteries.
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Default Re: Power from water

Thanks to everyone for their input.

It just seems to me that the numbers don't add up. There must be losses otherwise you would be in the realm of perpetual motion. Burning Hydrogen and Oxygen...thus releasing power, creates H2O (water). Therefore, and according to the blurb, you could theoretically collect this and put it back into the system??? Also, looking at some of the clips on the site, the sheer lack of volume produced would be a problem.

How can this wacko idea be put on this web site?
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Default Re: Power from water

Originally Posted by Aussie View Post
How can this wacko idea be put on this web site?
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Default Re: Power from water

aussie water power has existed since the late 70s-early 80's
a philopino guy by the name of daniel dingel was the first
to invent it the sad part is are north american government doesent
care or even look into it why GREEEED no money in it for them

think about it a water powered car would cost or use any oil
or gas!!! and THATS the main reason why government will
not and i repeat not whant that on the market NO REVENUE

for them right!!? if your not waisting gas or oil there not
happy because there not making there zillions of it..
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