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Default Re: Just got my Volt

Originally Posted by Hot_Georgia_2004 View Post
Thank you for the information Bob.
My power rates average to be about 0.06/kwh over the summer and winter rates. Assuming the Volt's metering system is accurate with 29kwh/100 miles it would cost me around $6 for the trip (If the Volt went 100 miles per charge).

I commute 100 miles every working day so the 100 miles is relevant to me. The trip in gasoline alone is costing me about $6.50/day so I'd see a little savings. I am aware the Volt won't take me the 100 miles in EV.

I understand through this thread and the owners of the Volt that the attraction is a nice luxury vehicle and not fuel savings. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just a specific market as there are many different marketing targets.

Undersand it's not generally known that the Volt is marketed to the luxury market hence the Chevrolet brand. Most people assume the Volt is made for fuel savings. I was one of the typical masses who hears rumors which prompted my questions here. I think it would be good if more people were asking honest questions about it to the people who actually own one rather than believing (and possibly spreding misconceptions) things heard by here-say. That is why I mentioned the Civic, a well known efficient vehicle.
My questions aren't to ridicule but to gain knowledge.

The next time I hear a conversation complaining "I could get two Corolla's for the price of a Volt" I'll know how to respond. Thanks for the informaion.

Me? I am not in the luxury car market so it doesn't appeal to me. That should be ok, too. They don't make 30 year old rickety Civics anymore.
I've done many 130mile trips.. and generally get 75-83 with only the charge at home.
Here is a thread on this at http://priuschat.com/forums/chevrole...mile-trip.html

If you could charge at work, you could easily hit 150-200MPG overall.

The math in your post is off, you are paying .06/kWh then at 30 kWh/100miles would be 1.80 for 100 miles.
(I'm averaging closer to 26 fo the past month). If you do 35 miles on a charge at .06 then a full charge will cost you about $.72. If you do 100 miles as 40miles (I get more) + 60 miles of gas at 40MPG on the highway (EPA, but I get more), you would use a full charge and 1.5 gallons of gas. If you could charge at work and get 40 miles per charge + 10 miles of ICE, assuming 36mpg (lower since it a shorter run) about .27 gallons each way or just over .55 or 180MPG. If you only get 35 miles per charge you would still get 120MPG.

I'm loving my Volt! For me a 50mpg hybrid would use > 10 gallons more per month. From 10/29/11 to 4/29/12, I have gone 4119 mi on 8.3 Gallons of Premium + 1163kWh of wind power. With total fuel costs of $99.03 that translates to 491 MPG, 96.62 MPGe, 41.54 MPF$ or $.0240/mi
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Default Re: Just got my Volt

Its been several years since I posted here but saw this thread and had to respond. I think many people look at the EPA volt rating and determine that they wouldn't save much. The EPA electric rating is based on the energy equivelent of gasoline for which most people could care less. The $ cost is much more relevant but varies widely depending on your electric rates. You must also take into account your likely daily driving since a hybrid might be more cost effective if you drive extremely long distances depending on the cost of gas in your area. We bought our Volt last year and still havn't visited the gas station. The onboard computer will use up the gas before it gets too old but when we do get gas I am thinking about buying a gallon or two at the most so that we arn't just carrying around a lot of dead weight month after month.

I still like Hybrids and drive them regularly but none have been close to the ride and power of the Volt. Its a pretty amazing car. I would recommend anyone look at the numbers and consider any of the Plug In's being made. For me its not just my savings but I look at it from a larger point of view. While EV sales have been small so far they are already displacing the purchase of about 250K in gas every day and it will keep growing. This is cash that goes back into our own economy. Americans have been complaining about oil dependency for decades. Its time we start spending our money to meet this goal since EV's actually make it possible to achieve Energy Independence. Have fun, Rick
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Default Re: Just got my Volt

well said Rick.
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Default Re: Just got my Volt

A dealer in my area was recently offering Volts at $187/ month for a 2-yr / 24,000 mi lease with $2,500 down. I SERIOUSLY considered adding a second Volt to the garage.

At this point my wife's Volt has about 6,000 miles on it, on about 3.5 gallons of gasoline burned. We're still driving on the tank of gas that was in the car when we picked it up March 7th. Since we've had the ChargePoint station installed in May, the only time the car has used gasoline is when the engine maintenance program has kicked in (3 times so far) to keep the engine bearings and seals lubricated.
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