High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

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Default High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

I was interested in purchasing a 2014 Avalon V6 because of its bolder design and thought the gas mileage was really good until I saw the specs for the hybrid model. After test driving both models, I was impressed with how refined the hybrid synergy drive was. It's no V6 but has decent acceleration for a large sedan. I ended up buying the Avalon Hybrid Limited with the tech package and so far I'm very pleased with it.

I've driven about 700 miles and I'm averaging about 40 MPG on a 12 mile commute that is 50% city and 50% suburban (40 mph). It's amazing how long the Avalon will cruise in EV at 40 mph on relatively flat stretches of road.

I haven't had chance to do much highway driving with passengers and luggage. I read in other forums where Lexus ES 300h owners were getting 40+ mpg on the highway. Could I expect similar results?
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Default Re: High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

The Avalon and ES hybrids are more alike than different. Our two year old ES 300h has been a fabulous car in nearly every respect.

Note that your milage will go down in cold temperatures, with hybrid temp sensitivity perhaps being greater than conventional ICE cars, but not as sensitive as all-electric cars (like our other car!).
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Default Re: High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

I just traded in our 2012 Camry XLE Hybrid which I average 42.2 mpg and was our first hybrid. I'm 6'2" and the Camry was comfortable but had my eye on the TAH. This year there were leftover 2014s and great incentives so we traded the 2012 TCH on a TAH Touring. So far I really love the size and features, i.e.. BSM, Seating, controls, etc. As far as mpg it's right in there with our TCH. I'm showing 39.2mph on the gauge which was usually 1-2mpg optimistic on the TCH. That's right where the Camry was in the colder weather we now have. With the Camry having the same drivetrain, I would see close to 40mpg highway and a bit higher in moderate warmer weather without much A/C use. The really high mpg runs were a mix of 40-50mph speed zones where I would often see mpg in the mid 50s. This would be in the moderate spring and fall Wisconsin temperatures where little heat and A/C was being used helping shift that electric energy to drive assist and EV runs. I let the Hybrid system do it's thing and did not induce EV. EV often combines with ICE which improves mpg over just ICE drive. The one thing I sense with the Avalon is the hybrid management is very efficient. I use the auto temp setting and even heated seats and still manage to get over 40mpg on the meter. Even at 39.2mpg on my meter that includes about 250 miles of the dealer locating and bringing my car home and I doubt they were hypermiling. So I'm pretty impressed so far with mpg as I was with the TCH, yet with a large sedan. It's almost hard to believe when I pull up to a Chevy Aveo or a Smart car that I could be getting better mileage In a full size sedan.

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Default Re: High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

So now I'm impressed with the mpg on this TAH. Today I pulled in after my commute and picking my son up from school with a 54.7mpg drive average. My tank average is now at 39.7mpg, and this is in sub-30 degree weather. I do use sport mode for entering round abouts and I did have the seat heater on for most of my trip today. In sport mode the steering ratio tightens up and feels similar to my previous BMW 330. In sport mode it really jumps out of the roundabout turns compared to more dampened acceleration under ECO mode. So there is some fun mixed in too. The steering to me has the best of both worlds. The ECO/normal mode have a low effort with some road feel for parking and ease of steering comfort. Sport mode is great for entering roundabouts and highway cruising which reduces steering movement and driving fatigue. I almost wish ECO mode had the Sport Steering ratio option.

I do have a optimal route home for a hybrid with varying speeds between 35 and 50 and reasonably flat with a few hilly areas mixed in. My final route to home is a 25mph 1 mile run along a lake shore that is a pleasure and is typically all in EV mode. Our 2012 TCH was great for this route but I'm even more impressed with the full sized Avalon pulling off this mpg in comfort. I'm going to start on Fuelly.com with my first fill up probably next week and should have a actual mpg reading in a few weeks. I expect it to 1-2 mpg lower that the gauge mpg average. I can't wait until spring when moderate temperatures will produce peak mpg runs. I saw mpg in the 70s at times with our TCH. I have a feeling I'll see those mpgs again based on similar even better mpg than our TCH so far in similar temperatures.

How are the rest of you doing with mpg in your Gen4 TAHs?

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Default Re: High-tech, Near Luxury and Great MPG

Bought a 2016 Avalon Hybrid this week. Traded in my trusty Civic Hybrid because my old back could not take it any more.

I'm going to need some help learning the entire system.

Love this new car.
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