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  1. IACV removal
  2. SAFETY warning for pack rebuild
  3. Changing serpentine belt to bypass a/c
  4. Breaker in Off position, Red Battery light on regardless of RPM
  5. Auto Lock/Unlock Feature
  6. idle unstable 2005
  7. Which charger is best to weed out bad sticks?
  8. I've just about had it with this dang thing...
  9. No cruise control
  10. AC Clutch Pulley Wobble WITH new bearing
  11. P1679 Error Code
  12. Replacement battery failure inquiry
  13. Dead 12V DC DC converter
  14. 12v plug/dash lights flicker sporatically
  15. Reverse lights not working
  16. New battery, no charge bars
  17. 12 volt replacement
  18. Serpentine belt replacement
  19. Radiator overfill
  20. Grid charge after voltage stable?
  21. IMA light on, what to do (help)
  22. P1600, P1593 and replacement Hybrid battery is not charging.
  23. Floor jack use for tire rotation?
  24. Crank no start Honda Civic hybrid 03
  25. Just bought a 2003 Civic and a spare battery
  26. P1600, P1433 and main battery is not charging
  27. Repairs (shock absorber)
  28. P1445 & P1600 w/IMA, Check engline and red battery lights
  29. Even with breaker off you're not 100% safe
  30. P1564 and p1571
  31. Starting problem
  32. 2004 HCH buy or pass?
  33. Transmission position switch?
  34. 03 HCH good candidate for grid charging?
  35. Just purchased 2005 HCH red 12v battery and IMA light are on
  36. 2005 Civic interior light not working right
  37. 2005 Civic: is the window main switch button lit?
  38. 05 Honda Civic Hybrid -- IMA failure -- What should I do?
  39. 2005 Civic: all backlight buttons dead
  40. Change CVT fluid, in driveway, clearance?
  41. CVT Torque problem
  42. Resurrecting a 15 year old, 4 month out of service battery pack!
  43. Well this is concerning...
  44. What to avoid when buying a pack for parts?
  45. hch 1 ima acting crazy.
  46. Can I get an integrated key/remote for 1st generation Honda Civic Hybrid?
  47. Very early HCH
  48. Won't start, need a jump every time plus lots more
  49. temperature sensors
  50. So I got an OBD2 scanner....
  51. with IMA light 12V battery will not charge below 1500 RPM
  52. Random drag then let go at highway speed
  53. auto stop stalled, then ran like i was dragging a deal elephant
  54. P1600 code, no IMA light CEL is on
  55. Manual transmission removal HCH1
  56. HCH1 DIY IMA Reconditioning
  57. "Building" a discharger
  58. Odd mpg increase with P1600 / P1433 codes
  59. HCH-I IMA and charging issues
  60. Anyone know what a P1670 fault code is?
  61. first gen IMA software update?
  62. IMA Fan Runs Constantly after Grid Charger Install
  63. Discharge and Charge VIA IMA in car possible?
  64. What to inspect during Test Drive
  65. Going price for salvage HCH1 battery
  66. Clunk when accelerating from 20-35 MPH
  67. 12V, IMA, CEL On with new IMA Battery
  68. Motor Mounts
  69. Bought a 03 civic hybrid. Issue with transmission fluid
  70. Please Help me find an O2 sensor
  71. Ima & cel hch 2003 - smog check issue
  72. Battery draining losing all power!
  73. Amsoil Synthetic CVT fluid
  74. CVT fluid color vs. time?
  75. ASC hybrid
  76. Water in headlight
  77. A/C clutch problem
  78. Future 04 HCH-I Owner Q's
  79. things needed to reconditioned 03-05 civic hybrid battery cells
  80. A/C oomph?
  81. Battery (12v) goes dead overnight (sometimes)
  82. 03 Civic Hybrid MT P1570 & P1600
  83. Bought used 03 HCH at 80k miles. Should I get transmission fluid replaced?
  84. HCH I Audio Upgrade
  85. CVT Survey
  86. DC-DC Converter Pinout
  87. IMA Voltage Issues
  88. 2004 HCH1 Heavy Steering
  89. Honda Civic Hybrid code issues...
  90. Grinding noise from CVT
  91. Types of HCH1 IMA batteries?
  92. HCH-1 Rear defrost "auto on"?
  93. Check Engine Light on: P0497 EVAP System Low Purge Flow
  94. Bridgestone B381 tire replacement
  95. SZCA Civic CVT Trans-Need Overhaul Manual
  96. New IMA battery; 12v, check engine, and IMA lights are on. Not charging.
  97. IMA diagnostics
  98. Idle Air Control And Crank Sensor Clean/Replace
  99. Where is the fuel filter?
  100. Replacement clips for 2004 HCH underbody panel
  101. Maintenance tips: 68k 2004 HCH I w/new 12v and battery pack
  102. Is it safe to remove the belt from an old IMA?
  103. HCH I (2004) drive cycle steps?
  104. 2004 Manual with codes P1435 and P1570 - dealer wants $6000 to repair
  105. New HCH owner...learning on the curve
  106. New on HCV
  107. 05 HCH IMA Light Preventing Emissions Pass
  108. IMA Battery replaced, IMA light still on
  109. IMA battery not starting car
  110. Poor Acceleration/Higher RPM/More Assist
  111. Plate Bracket Options
  112. P1570, P1600 after accident
  113. Honda Civic Hybrid MPG drop
  114. 2005 HCH Start Clutch
  115. Rear seatback fitment
  116. Stick refurb via cycling - why it's a waste of time
  117. 2003 ignition coils front and rear???
  118. Battery not charging? Easy way to reset IMA control modules
  119. Strut replacment suggestions paried with OEM Springs?
  120. 2004 HCH with P1433 & P0171 Codes - What is my next step?
  121. HCH1 New IMA Battery, Stubborn Engine Codes
  122. should i buy a high milesage 04/05 HCH
  123. 05 Civic: Is my tranny about to fail?
  124. help, trunk latch stuck shut, no access through battery compartment
  125. Buying the best grid charger
  126. 04 Civic IMA Charging Problems
  127. HCH1 IMA battery voltage reading & reconditioning
  128. Keep it or Dump it
  129. Side Airbag Warning Light on when wet outside.
  130. Obituary for my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
  131. 05 IMA problem
  132. HCH 1 - P1433 and P0420
  133. ASC IMA Battery
  134. Tire Time - All Suggestions out there are OLDDDD!
  135. PCV valve location
  136. Anyone used a Hybrid Automotive grid charger?
  137. weird multiple problems all of a sudden
  138. IMA Charging....
  139. Repair Question....
  140. 12 Volt Battery Question....
  141. HCH and gen1 insights cells
  142. Hybridautomotive Grid Chargers
  143. New To Me '05 Civic Hybrid - Got a List of Questions :)
  144. 03 HCH wiring diagrams
  145. P1639 Code in 2003 HCH?
  146. Think she is totaled?
  147. Auto Stop not working after clutch replacement
  148. Any Advice on Getting Replacement Battery Pack to work?
  149. Possible to intentionally prevent battery from charging?
  150. 2005 Honda Civic with a dead Battery Pack
  151. Iron Levels in Transmission Fluid, Oil Analysis
  152. Someone explain this car's o2 sensors to me (p0420)
  153. Imax B6 Charging Help
  154. MPG question
  155. 2004 Civic IMA MCM question
  156. 2004 HCH - Bumblee battery, now MPG is plummeting
  157. Kayak, carrying one....
  158. Diagnosing AC problem
  159. oil change..
  160. Brake Locking Up
  161. Dome Light Wire Location
  162. LRR Tire Choices or Change Wheels for Better Options?
  163. Transmisson issues...
  164. Hybrid battery fan question?
  165. 2nd 2003 HCH battery FAIL <2 years
  166. P0443 Evap. Code and mystery plug after engine replacement.
  167. 2004 Civic Hybrid Battery finally bad, safe to operate?
  168. Greentec versus Bumblebee IMA Battery
  169. ScanGauge XGuage specialty guages for first gen Civic Hybrids
  170. Problems after installing new Head Unit
  171. IMA battery dead—opt for Bumblebee replacement?
  172. HCH LRR Tires or Wheel Swap Needed Now
  173. Help. Both my 12volt and the IMA battery drain over night. 2003 Civic
  174. IMA System Suddenly Stops
  175. How to see the min/max on the coolant overflow tank?
  176. Startup issues
  177. Battery Trouble.. have salvage battery but no way to tell if good
  178. Converting car from CVT to Manual Transmission
  179. Weird Battery charge problem
  180. 2004 HCH steering feeling heavy
  181. won't engage reverse gear sometimes
  182. Differences between CVT Fluid
  183. Shift Release Button locked
  184. IMA battery dying in 5-speed HCH1
  185. Scan Tool
  186. How to flush coolant out of the CVT
  187. Orange plug
  188. Issue with Brake locking up
  189. How long does the car drive with a bad IMA battery-And overall 260K mile review
  190. 2003 HCH M/T totalled in RI- part swap?
  191. Mildly cool air from AC
  192. Considering used 2005 Civic Hybrid ULEV w. Manual T
  193. No tach, no power steering, 12V light, ABS light - 2003 HCH
  194. 2004 Civic Hybrid just stopped working (the Hybrid part)
  195. New owner 2005 hch cvt
  196. A/C problem with Hybrid
  197. how to change transmission cable
  198. 2005 dead need advise
  199. Check Engine light, Battery light, IMA light come one
  200. Roof Rack
  201. Roof Rack
  202. P1600/IMA/Check Engine Light
  203. Help with P1600 and P1433
  204. Whats Different about Hybrid Floor Mats?
  205. CVT/ DIFF fluid
  206. Just Fixed IMA...Check Engine Light Still On
  207. IMA Battery Questions
  208. OMG - Just talked to the dealer -
  209. SRS Light - Easy Fix after diagnosis - DTC Codes
  210. 2005 Alignment rear camber specs?
  211. 2003 HCH O2 Sensors--which Denso sensors to buy?
  212. IMA Problems on my Civic!
  213. Airbag deployment
  214. Check Engine Light: P0138HO2S-12 (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Circuit High Input
  215. 03 civic hybrid 5spd 135k
  216. TPMS- do I have it? 2004 HCH
  217. CEL and IMA on and red light for 12v battery comes on at idle
  218. Headlight bulb replacement- 2004 HCH 1
  219. questions about buying my first HCH I
  220. About the AC clutch bearing, and why you should keep a short drive belt in the trunk.
  221. NOOOO! IMA light came on.
  222. HCH CVT to 6 speed swap?
  223. Selling 3 year old IMA battery in S. California
  224. IMA battery performance
  225. HCH IMA battery failure preventing inspection
  226. dead car
  227. HCH 1 05 convert to MT?
  228. New owner of an '04 HCH 1 5-speed
  229. 2003 Honda A/C Replace
  230. Getting codes P1130 & P2000
  231. Decreased MPG??
  232. What is the specification for 12 volt battery
  233. 2003 HCH, need A/C bypass ASAP!
  234. Front compliance bushing (aka lower control arm bushing)
  235. a/c heater blower circuit
  236. Know a good SoCal dealership for warranty work?
  237. After market cd player will not turn on
  238. can not find tranny fill plug? please help
  239. Rear Seat Bench Removal
  240. Gas Guage Problem
  241. Burning Oil?
  242. Full tank problem? Any ideas?
  243. HCH 2003 with 180K miles Engine Hesitates...Check Enginer light and IMA light on
  244. engine skid plate hch 1
  245. Options for 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA battery replacement
  246. Shudder from stop
  247. Manual IMA Control HCH1 IMAC&C
  248. Jerky transmission
  249. To buy or not to buy an '04 HCH with 116,000
  250. Battery not charging with cruise control on?