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Conversation Between GaryG and VietVet'67

Conversation Between GaryG and VietVet'67
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  1. VietVet'67
    04-28-2012 09:25 AM - permalink
    Hi Gary -

    Been a Looooooog time since I have been on either CleanMPG or GreenHybrid. Have thought of you and your vast wisdom of Hybrid driving to the fullest many times.
    What brings me back is that I Finally got a ScanGauge II !
    Still have the original '05 FEH with about 110K on it and just seems to be getting better with age - not like me I think all the friction is getting less and less and she rolls on and on - Me, I keep getting tighter and the joints don't want to work.

    Leaves me with a question since you were one of the first to get and use a ScanGauge. I went to Linear Logic's site and got the FEH Specific XGauges that I wanted and input them - bummer - none of the ones that had to do with the HV side of the vehicle worked. No SOC, AmT (Traction motor current), MTQ (Traction motor torque) - - - - , all the ones I would like to see what is going on in EV so I can Squeeze out the EV without starting up the ICE. I know getting it totally drained is really a deterrent since you will have all that load to build the HV battery back up - a trade off that I hope to see which way it goes - that is if I can get to the gauges. I have gotten a lot to work from a response to a post I made on GreenHybrid from a BillyK in the 'ScanGauge Data Depository'. Think he scanned something he had and uploaded it to Photobucket and Hyper-linked it to the post but some of the numbers are hard to read and sometime I can't tell a 'B' from an '8' or '0' from a 'D'.
    I know you were first using the original 'ScanGauge' but I know you must have switched over to the 'II' with the XGauge feature at some point.
    Man if you had your original data down, spreadsheet, word -- if you would send me a copy - I am chomping at the bit to get to all the stuff.

    I sent Linear Logic a suggestion on something that I think would really enhance the ScanGauge II. That is to move the 'Scan' function under 'More' and have a second set of gauges in that slot, you could have one screen set up for ICE and the other for EV and re-program the 'Home' button to be a toggle between the two when you are on one of the pages and if you really wanted to go 'Home' hold it for two seconds or so. To me the 'Scan' function is not a highly used feature and if you did need it - well it would be under 'More'. I know the company has grown since the early times when I would see a message from you or one of the others saying when you called Ron would answer the phone and personally help you - and you had a good rapport with him.

    Hope Everything is going great with you and God Bless,
    Phillip - Vietvet'67

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