HCH-II Racing ????

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Default HCH-II Racing ????

I simply found this too hilarious.
The body is clearly HCH-2 but the IMA gauges look like they were borrowed from an HCH-1.


Anyhow, the driver seems to want to keep the RPMs rather high.... I wonder why ... ?


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Default Re: HCH-II Racing ????

Nice bodykit and the car handles quiet nice. Look a lot like my average riding style. fluid wonder what is mpg is
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Default Re: HCH-II Racing ????

I'm jealous! I wish I had a manual in our HCH!!!

I figured it was just a matter of time before there was a hybrid racing circuit since they seem to race just about everything else with wheels. I would like to see a Hybrid race where they give each driver 10 gallons of gas and whoever drives the furthest wins--that seems more in the spirit of the hybrid to me!
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Default Re: HCH-II Racing ????

LOL, that is a GOOD idea. HA HA
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Default Re: HCH-II Racing ????

Not 10 gal but more like 0.5 gal as a 10-gal race would take FOREVER. This guy either transplanted a different motor in there or did a bunch of other tricks but definitely removed the rev limiter - has anyone else tried to hit 7k on the tach?

I was joking with my racing buddies about entering a Hybrid and it wouldn't have to go fast as they have an Enduro race where you drive 3- or 6- or 12-hours sometimes and many cars have to stop to refuel 5 times in a 6-hr race. That is 100 seconds per 2-mile lap for 6 hours is around 200 laps or 400 miles of racing. Sure it is racing but the idea is to do the most laps in that time and if you can drive 200 mph then you have to fill up so often that going that fast negates the speed. That makes it fair for an RX-7 and a Porsche 993 and a Ford Probe to all race on equal ground (also, they stagger the start based on qualifying so if you can do 200 laps then you start last but the Pinto who can only do 100 laps in 6 hours starts first and gets a 1 hr headstart to the Porsche - it really is neat how that balances out everything). I even think that getting 20 mpg during racing on 12 gal means you can go 240 miles on one tank of gas only requiring one fill-up of gas for the 6-hr race. That would be fun.
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